What is Wrinkle one

No injection, needle or chemical. Wrinkle-free skin with just a pen. Wrinkle one program uses radiofrequency to lift sagging skin without damaging the epidermis. With wrinkle one, you get three pen devices:

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    Benefits of Wrinkle One

    Use of Wrinkle One

    Wrinkle One Result


    Yes, Wrinkle-One program is managed with ultrasonic and frequency energy that does not damage the epidermis, not irritating peeling or laser treatment, and calming and regenerating with dual cross-sound ultrasound at the same time, so it does not bruise or reddening.

    No, you may feel some pain when managing HIFU,

    but there is a difference depending on the sensitivity of the pain.

    You can’t feel pain in other programs.

    Yes, Wrinkle-One’s Skin-Up[HIFU] can be effective with just one care program.

    You can get various effects with Dual-Intense[Ultrasound and Toroidal RF] care program from a wide skin care categories